Thursday, 11 February 2016


What's been happening? You may or may not have noticed there hasn't been much blogging lately. This isn't a conscious decision, I have just been busy working, playing, colouring, reading...
The Mr and I have been getting through The Orphan Black series on Netflix. It  makes me want to binge watch, and also is laugh out loud funny in places.
Speaking typing of Netflix. I may or may not have also been binge watching 90210. I stumbled upon the remake and just have an urge to see what they did with it. I was an original Beverly Hills 90210 fan. (FYI I was team Dillon) and no, Mr is not watching that one with me. I'm really needing something else to watch though so any recommendations..
After eventually finishing the book in my last post, I'm onto a much better one. Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallen. I've read quite a few of her books and have enjoyed them all.
The book club happened again, I'll give that a separate post. I wasn't the only one to not like the latest book.
Tilly has been dusted off (my trusty bicycle) and I will be taking her out to go to work this afternoon. I have promised myself I will drive less to my local jobs and either walk or cycle. I'm still at the gym several times a week (probably 5 days) I still have an unhealthy obsession with these gym clothes and I still eat semi healthy although that's something I refuse to obsess about. I just had an oversized fondant fancy brought home by my mum from Bettys to prove it.
It's a lovely bright fresh day today on the east coast, perfect for me and Tilly to get out along the prom, how are things with you?