About Me

About Me. Hmmm.
I'm Claire. I live with my Hubbie (known to you as Mr D) in a seaside town in England. We've been together since I was a wee lass of 16.
I like to sit on randomly placed sofa's and watch the world pass me by.
I'm a people watcher. I get told off a lot for staring. I'm not really staring, I'm taking an interest.

Some days & nights I'm a support worker. Other days I work in a local vintage tea room. 
 By night I eat chocolate, write snail mail, read, then I blog about it. 
I like tea. And cake.
I have too many hobbies for my own good. I can't wait till I retire because quite frankly, work just kinda gets in the way.

Mr D is a carpenter by day, a sound engineer, tree climber, and shed dweller by night.
 He likes nothing better than a nice cup of Earl Grey and a Strooptwafle. And if you don't know what a Stroopwaffle is, you can't be his friend.

On weekends hi days and holidays we go on adventures in our home on wheels, where we release our inner gypsy and travel the local (and not so local) air shows or vintage events.
Don't for a minute think we haven't discussed selling up the bricks and mortar.

My Blog is the Diary of my life. Feel free to be part of it.

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